Saudi Arabia devises a plan to evacuate villages as the Tanuma fire continues (video and photo) – Erm News


Specialized Saudi emergency teams have devised a plan to evacuate a number of villages in the Asir region, in anticipation of the continuation and spread of a fire that broke out in a mountainous area full of trees and dry herbs, and the firefighting teams that use aircraft are struggling to extinguish it for the fourth day in a row.

The Emirate of Asir region said, in the early hours of today, Saturday, that the field command room to confront the fire that broke out in Jabal Gulamah in Tanuma governorate divided the accident into sectors to besiege it, and secured some houses near the site of the accident by placing firefighting units, and requesting the evacuation of some houses located in Smoke direction as a precaution.

The emirate added, through its Twitter account, “The field command room made a plan to evacuate villages if necessary, equip suitable shelters, and open lines with village representatives for readiness.”

The rate of extinguishing for the third day of the outbreak of the fire was between 70 and 75 percent on an area estimated between 1,200 and 1,500 square meters, according to the latest clarification from the Emirate of Asir on the ongoing firefighting operations.

The emirate says that “a plan was activated to respond to the threat of forest fires after merging the leaderships of the governorates of # Al-Namas and # Tanuma with one room in the middle of the fire area, and a site support and support area was identified with mechanisms from municipalities, civil defense, agriculture and volunteer teams, in coordination with # Aramco for ground support and aircraft Spraying ”.

Five civil defense men were injured during the attempts to extinguish the fire, while the damage caused by the fire has been limited so far in the area to natural damage through the loss of juniper trees, shrubs and dry grasses, while no human damage has been detected.

The Saudi Civil Defense says that the strong winds that accompanied the fire in its early stages, the rugged mountainous region and the difficulty in accessing fire trucks, contributed to the spread of the fire widely.


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