Saudi Arabia .. Attack on the security guard of the French Consulate


A spokesman for the Saudi-led coalition forces in Yemen, Turki Al-Maliki, said on Wednesday that the coalition forces were able to intercept and destroy six booby-trapped drones launched by the Houthis.

This comes at a time when the US embassy in Saudi Arabia warned, on Wednesday, its citizens residing in the Kingdom of the possibility of Riyadh being exposed to attacks by missiles or drones, and urged them to remain on “alert”.

Al-Maliki said in a statement carried by the Saudi Press Agency, that the planes were targeting “in a systematic and deliberate manner civilian establishments and civilians in the Kingdom,” but he did not mention the areas that were targeted.

He added, “These hostile attempts reflect the terrorist behavior of the militia in adopting terrorist operations using bombed drones against civilians, as well as the despair of its massive field losses in equipment, equipment and terrorist elements, especially in the governorates of Ma’rib and Al-Jawf.”

In a statement, the embassy asked the citizens of the United States in Riyadh to “take shelter immediately” in the event of hearing a “strong explosion” or warning sirens.

It also asked its citizens to stay away from the outer walls of houses, windows and openings, and warned them of “falling debris” if “the missile or the plane” is intercepted.

The embassy warning did not mention the country or the party responsible for the “imminent attack,” but the Houthi rebels in Yemen launch drones from time to time towards Saudi targets, such as oil installations, airports or military bases.

On Monday, Saudi Arabia announced that the coalition had shot down an unmanned “booby trapped” plane launched by the Houthis towards the southern region of Saudi Arabia.

Since 2014, Yemen has witnessed a conflict between the Houthis, backed by Iran, and the forces loyal to the government of the recognized president, Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi.


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