Saudi Arabia .. “Al-Hathloul” begins a hunger strike inside the prison


Why did Al-Hathloul go on a hunger strike?

Because the prison administration forbade her from contacting her family.

When was the Saudi activist arrested?

In May 2018.

What prison does Hathloul lie in?

Al-Ha’ir prison in the capital, Riyadh.

The family of the detained Saudi activist Loujain Al-Hathloul announced, on Monday evening, that the latter had entered a hunger strike in one of the kingdom’s prisons.

On her Twitter account, Loujain’s sister, Alia Al-Hathloul, said: “Today at 7 pm Riyadh time, my sister Loujain announced a hunger strike due to the deprivation of the administration of Al-Ha’ir prison (in the capital, Riyadh) of her right to contact the family.”

The Saudi authorities have not commented on this information, but the Kingdom usually denies any failure to care for detainees in its prisons.

Recently, the detainee Al-Hathloul was awarded a prize from the international “Normandy” organization in France, called the “Freedom Prize”, which was awarded to her sisters, Alia and Lena, in the presence of a thousand people from 81 countries, early October.

Loujain Al-Hathloul was born on July 31, 1989, and is a Saudi human rights activist in the field of women’s rights. She studied French literature at the University of British Columbia and was classified by Arabian Business as the third most powerful woman in the Arab world for the year 2015.

Al-Hathloul was arrested in mid-May 2018. As part of a campaign of arrests that included activists and human rights activists, including Aziza Al-Youssef and Eman Al-Nafjan; On charges of transgressing religious and national constants and communicating with suspicious foreign parties.

Saudi Arabia is facing international criticism regarding the conditions of freedom of expression and human rights, to which Riyadh responds that it is committed to “implementing the law with transparency.”


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