Saudi Arabia: A Saudi attacked a security guard at the French Consulate in Jeddah


Saudi authorities said that a citizen attacked a security guard at the French Consulate in Jeddah with a sharp object, and caused him minor injuries.

The official Saudi Press Agency “SPA” quoted a police official as saying that “the Special Force for Diplomatic Security was able – thanks to God – to arrest a citizen of the fourth decade of his life after he attacked a security guard at the French Consulate in Jeddah, resulting in minor injuries.”

The official added, “The injured person was taken to hospital to receive the necessary treatment, and the perpetrator was arrested and legal measures have been taken against him.”

The French embassy in Riyadh confirmed that the consulate was attacked, noting that “the security guard was taken to the hospital, where his health condition is not a cause for concern.”

The French embassy strongly condemned this vicious attack against a diplomatic facility, and called on its citizens in Saudi Arabia to “take the utmost caution and caution.”

Neither the Saudi authorities nor the French embassy have announced any motives behind the attack.

But it comes at a period of mounting anger in the Islamic world after the statements of French President Emmanuel Macron, who pledged to “not give up cartoons” offensive to the Prophet Muhammad.

Many Muslim countries are witnessing demonstrations condemning the cartoons, calls to boycott French products, and chants condemning the French President.

France, on Thursday, witnessed an attack on a church in the southern city of Nice, killing 3 people and wounding others, of varying degrees.

The French authorities described the Ys attack as a “terrorist attack”.

France and its President Macron are launching a campaign against Islam and the Prophet Muhammad, which saw the publication of insulting images of the Prophet on major facades in major cities in the country.


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