Samsung plans to launch the S30 series in January in three versions, according to the leaks


Revealed the latest leaks about phones Samsung On the design of the Galaxy S30 or S21 series, which is unclear which of them will be the official name of the series, but these leaks indicated the arrival of 3 phones coming within the series and will be launched in January of next year, unusually.

Samsung usually announces the Galaxy S series phones in February every year, but this time it will be earlier.

According to the design leaks of the expected Galaxy S30 or S21 series, the phone will come with a full screen with a hole in the center of the top of the screen and slightly curved edges, while it will come with a triple camera system for the regular version whose lenses are located within a glass frame connected with the corner of the phone, which is the case with the larger version Plus, while The Ultra version will come with a quad camera system with a glass frame with the same mechanism as the regular version.

It is expected that the basic version of the Galaxy S30 phones will come with a 6.2-inch screen, while the Ultra version will come with a 6.7-6.9-inch screen, according to the leaks.

The leaks also indicate the arrival of an Ultra version with a smart stylus similar to the Note series, which suggests a different strategy for Samsung next year.

Some previous reports were talking about changes in the upcoming Samsung strategy, which makes us expect to merge the S series with the Note series with several options and launch it at the beginning of the year, and shift the launch date of the Note series in the second half of the year to be the event to reveal the latest foldable devices.

It is worth noting that if Samsung launched its phones in January, this will be the shortest period between the launch of the iPhone phones and the launch of the S series.

The Korean company may seek to tighten competition with Apple, which launched 4 iPhone 12 phones with different options for the first time in history.


The Verge


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