Samsung is returning to its old habit and making fun of Apple over the iPhone 12 charger


When Apple announced the iPhone 12, the company confirmed that it would not bundle the charger and EarPods with its new smartphones. It didn’t take long for Apple to be mocked for this, as Samsung had just reverted to its old habit and mocked Apple in a new Facebook post for not including the charger and EarPods in the new iPhone 12 cases.

According to the Samsung post, it says, “Your Galaxy gives you what you are looking for. From a simple thing like a charger to something special like an advanced camera, battery, performance, memory and even a 120Hz screen on a smartphone. ”

Having said that, we have a feeling that this will not be good for Samsung in the future. Companies have laughed at Apple in the past for removing the 3.5mm headphone jack on iPhones. However, a lot of companies later followed Apple’s approach, so we believe that other smartphone manufacturers will offer their smartphones for sale without essential accessories in the future.

However, at the same time, we think we cannot blame Samsung for not seizing this opportunity. After all, given that the iPhone 12 Series lineup is the talk of the hour, Samsung will have fallen short on its part not to take advantage of this opportunity to get free publicity of its own. Apple has tried to justify the lack of essential accessories in its new smartphones cases by claiming that this is better for the environment.

While we agree that we may not need a new charger, the prices that one pays for an iPhone are considered very prohibitive, and thus many assume that the least that Apple can do is to include these accessories with their devices.



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