Samira Abdelaziz confirms that she was exposed to a funny situation because of the series “Umm Kulthum”


Cairo – The Voice of the Emirates

The Egyptian artist recounted Samira Abdulaziz A funny situation happened to her during her visit to the city in which she grew up Umm KulthumOn the occasion of her presentation of the role of her mother in the famous series “Umm Kulthum” by the artist, Sabreen, and she said: “I was very happy with the series Umm Kulthum, because I was one of her fans, and since my childhood my father used to hold me and my sisters so that we could hear Umm Kulthum and who was doing was hitting, and from my childhood I did not miss A party for her. ”And she added:“ When they told me that I embody the role of Umm Kulthum’s mother, I heard all the tapes that were recorded with her voice for the Voice of the Arabs program with my grandfather al-Hakim, in which I spoke about her family and her beginning, so that my body is honest and knows with the people, and thank God the first day of the broadcast Her sister’s daughter spoke to me, she told me that I saw Siti Fatimah (Umm Kulthum’s real grandmother).

And she continued: “We held a seminar in the country of Umm Kulthum, the first thing we entered the governor’s house, in Fellah Galli running, and grabbed my knees and said: (O Fatima, he will save you, I will not find a job, my conservative word is for me), and I say it, I am not Fatima, I am an actress, and this is From a lot of credibility, and this is a merit of God. ”And on assigning the role of the mother in some works of art to young artists, Abdel Aziz said:“ In mothers who are young and our lives are really full of them, but I always advise them and say to them, my love, think of your mother and see what she did and do Like her, you will find yourself performing correctly, but you do not do it, a careless mother, or a mother who does not see her children, the mother must be a respectable model. ”About social media, and the degree of her proficiency in her platforms, she said:“ I am weak in social media, I do not know anything but WhatsApp, because they are They are sold on him, “and on the advice she gives to her grandchildren on choosing the artworks that they see, the artist said:” I let my grandchildren watch certain needs, and I told them they had to watch the selection series. “
And she continued: “I was asking them before they ate that they would turn on the TV so that they could see the men of Egypt had done what, so we would advise them if there was any good need that they needed to see, and I took the corridor movie so that they could watch it.” And about the Corona virus crisis, she concluded: “In the period of Corona I was a base At home, even if you go out wearing the muzzle and observe the instructions they say to us. ”

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