Sabah Al-Jazaery congratulates her daughter Taraf on her birthday … and Sulaf Fawakherji interacts


The artist, Sabah Al-Jazaery, sent a message to her daughter, Taraf Al-Taqi, on her own page on the social networking site “Instagram”, which she attached to a photo of the latter. And to celebrate her birthday.

Al-Jazaery said to her daughter Taraf: “Be as you wish, oh sweet, every day … every year and you are a thousand good.” She replied by luxury and wrote: “If you are fine, I am a thousand good, but God protects you and gives you over our head.”

Followers congratulated luxury on her birthday. And wish her lasting success. And to follow the example of her mother, who presented a remarkable long career. According to the Fuchsia website.

He was among the stars who also congratulated the pious luxury. The artist, Sulaf Fawakherji, where she wrote to her: “The best luxury, and God will protect and protect you.”

It is worth noting that the luxury of a young actress followed in the footsteps of her mother and entered the acting in 2015. She guest-starred on the series “Dunya” alongside Amal Arafa and Shukran Murtaja. Then she continued her studies in psychology at the Lebanese American University. And then began her childhood dream of acting, which happened through the series “Ward Aswad”, which was the start of her career.


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