Rouhani: We thwarted American plans to destroy our economy, and Zarif considers normalization of defense cooperation a victory for pluralism – Al-Binaa newspaper


He said President Iranian, advantage Rohani, yesterday, that dullness «Failed The scheme American To destroy Its economy». و .ضاف Rohani that «the government And from Through Planning Flour On Bezel Two years والنصف The last two state of Without Check Target America The ill-fated in a destruction Economy Iranian».

و .ضاف Rohani «the ban American Non Humane وغير The project, as such it’s a Effect On yields Country From the currency Difficult Especially The year the last one, Except it’s a did not Succeed in a Investigation Schemes American Ominous Purposeful to me Collapse Economy Iranian».

و .شار Rohani to me that «The enemies Count Much On Differences The internal To activate the ban The oppressor»، Calling all Responsible And activists And all Eager On Motherland And order Islamic to me «commitment Calm down والعقلانيّة Political And get away About Differences And disputes, To miss the opportunity On the enemy».

From His side, Considered Minister External Iranian, Mohammed Javad Zarif, «normalization Cooperat Defensive لبلاده With the world, To start From Today, Victory لنهج Pluralism And so للسلام Wallman in a Region».

وكتب ظريف Tweet, yesterday, On Location Communicate Social «Twitter» He said In which «day Important very For the community Internationalin a opposition Attempts the states United HostilityWhich Maintenance the decision 2231 Issued About board Security International And agreement Nuclear».

و .ضاف ظريف «normalization Cooperat Defensive To Iran With the world To start From Today, Prepare Victory لنهج Pluralism وكذلك للسلام Wallman in a Our region».

What, yesterday, Restrictions Armament On Iran distance 5 Years From the ban, According For the extension 5 From the agreement Nuclear والملحق B From the decision 2231 Issued About board Security International Public 2015 distance Signature On the agreement Nuclear.

in a This Regard, Issued Ministry External Iranian A statement in a occasion upload the ban Militarized Imposed On Iran, Saying that «End the ban Militarized No Need Libya or Appointment new From board Security International».

It drew External Iranian to me it’s a «in a History Contemporary did not You are Iran The prefix in a Which war»، Air hostess that «Tehran Draws Attention Countries the world all to me Scheduling Implementation of the decision 2231».

As well, She said External in a Her statement, it’s a «Must be On Washington Give up About Its approach Disruptive towards the decision 2231 And commitment Full With decisions Internationalism»، Are illustrated it’s a «Must be on her Also Palmistry About discard Laws International And shake Security in a Area the West Asia».

External Iranian Considered that «From Right Iran Take the decision the appropriate To secure Their interests Nationalism if Taken a step Inconsistent With the decision 2231».

Come that in a time, Confirmed speaker Basim External Iranian Happy Fiance Increase, in a Tweet Through His account On «Twitter»، Marking End the ban Militarized Fajr day Sunday, that «Iran Its production locally More From 90 % From Their needs Defensive No need to me Accreditation On the outside».

Referred to me that the states United she was Seeking Striving To press On board Security From Yes Pass Her proposal Related Extending a ban Weapon Imposed On Iran, والذي From Scheduled that finish in a October the first Next.

and then Its failure in a board Security, Announced the states United in a 20 September the past, that Penalties Internationalism against Iran I entered space Implementation Once Other, On Though From Refusal the organization Therefore Command, Threatened Countries Which will not Implemented Penalties With«Outcomes».

وقال Minister External American Mike Pompeo, in a statement: «Welcome the states United Today, Back all sanctions Nations United Which canceled Previously against Iran, shepherd the main To terrorism And hostile High in a the world»، On Hadd Saying.

و .شار Statement to me that «Each sanctions Nations United Almost Done Activated against Iran Which Includes Extension Always to ban Sale Weapons».

In Opinion speaker Basim organisation energy Atomic Iranian up to date Kamalundi, that «End the ban Militarized Imposed On dullness, Point Transformation Of the Republic Islamic, Where Proved that resistance The people Iranian Bear fruit About calendar, and surely diplomacy Iran Proved Its effectiveness And its entitlement».

وقال Kamalundi yesterday, that «the world did not Prepare Bear More, Mono Policy the states United, And her arrogance, And her exit From Treaties International, And ignore it For diplomacy».


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