Ronaldo follows the “Kaizen” philosophy


Italy – Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus’ top scorer for Italian football, has published a new photo of him from his home, where he is quarantined after being infected with the new Corona virus “Covid-19”.

Ronaldo commented on the photo he posted on his social media pages, with two words: “Kaizen Philosophy”.

Kaizen is a Japanese word for “improvement,” in business, as it refers to activities that “continually improve” all jobs, involving all employees from the CEO to assembly line workers. Kaizen also applies to operations, such as procurement and “logistics” across organizational boundaries into the supply chain.

Kaizen has been applied in the fields of health care, psychotherapy, life coaching and guidance, government business, banking services and other industries.

Kaizen aims to eliminate waste by improving standard programs and methods. The “Kaizen” method was first practiced in Japanese companies after World War II, and was partly influenced by American business and quality management teachers, and appeared noticeably as part of the “Toyota” method. Since then it has spread throughout the world and has also been applied in non-commercial and production environments.

It is noteworthy that Ronaldo is in good health and did not show any symptoms of Corona, but the results of the survey were positive several times, which prevented him from competing in the European summit that brought his team Juventus with his guest Barcelona last Wednesday evening (0-2) in the second round of the group stage For the Champions League.

The Portuguese star criticized the “PCR” analysis, where he commented through his account on the “Instagram” application: “The (Corona test) PCR analysis is just absurd,” in reference to the emergence of positive results of his analyzes for the second time, which deprived him of participating against Barcelona under the leadership of his traditional and arch rival, the Argentine star , Lionel Messi.

Source: “instagram cristiano”

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