Rima bint Bandar: Stop celebrating “the first woman” … Empowerment is a collective action – Saudi News


The ambassador of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques in the United States of America, Princess Rima Bint Bandar, called for a halt to celebrating the term “the first woman” to accomplish something. During her speech at the B20 Business Group Summit, yesterday (Tuesday), Princess Reema stressed that the celebration of the first woman to accomplish something must stop and attention should be paid to celebrating women who have moved forward with the agenda. And she stressed that “it is the group that creates the exception, not the individuals”, due to that “if individuals succeed without anyone’s support, then this is a disaster, so we need collective progress forward.” And she praised the transformation taking place in the Kingdom in the field of women’s participation in public affairs. She explained that empowering women has nothing to do with business, it is essential and it is what we must do. She described empowerment as “what must be done.” “Half of the society around the world cannot remain uninvolved, unsupported and without a path to success,” she said. I reiterated that empowerment should be a collective, not individual, action.


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