Revealing all features and details of Xbox Series X | S in extensive, comprehensive video!


Since we are very close to the Xbox Series X | S release date, Xbox decided to reveal to us an extensive and detailed video that shows us all the features that the two platforms have and that we will enjoy as players on our first day with them, so that we know the details ..

The clip began with an immediate launch of the Xbox Series X, it did not take 6 seconds, I think, until the platform was 100% ready to work, and from here we saw the new modifications to the user interface, which did not differ formally from the previous generation, but it also enjoyed new privileges, including dynamic backgrounds and in general we have talked about Xbox user interface details in previous news.

From here, the video moved to show us the game Gears 5 on Xbox Series X, which works in 4K 60fps as one of the many Xbox games that support Backward Compatibility, which is also We talked about it in detail in previous news In an article below with the backward compatibility feature on PS5, overall the game looks great as it contains high-quality textures that were used with the PC version and as we know, it was emphasized that the game would work at 120fps in the multiplayer phase.

Don’t dream … why won’t the PS5 and XSX run games at explicit 4K 60fps?

From here, the presenter pressed the Guide button and with a click of a button, he was able to operate the side menu from which you will be able to see any message that reached you, see who from your friends online, see notifications and the like at the same speed as the PS5 user interface in doing so also and from this point we started to see a feature Quick Resume, which allows you to switch between more than one game with the press of a button and with very, very few loading times, to continue from the same point at which you stopped, even if you closed the platform for a week and removed the power plug from it, a feature that many media professionals analyzed previously.

Xbox showed us a quick clip of the Dirt 5 game and then the Subnautica game with a focus on automatic HDR with a focus again on the Backward Compatibility feature, from here the host talked about the new control tool, which according to them will be very comfortable to use with a good texture for increased control and a button for the Share, in order to publish your photos and clips from the gameplay to your companions, and you can do so using the new Xbox application on phones, which is the center of your operations and the link between your various platforms.

Emphasis has been placed again on the Remote Play feature in the new Xbox app, which allows you to play any title on your platform directly on your phone, after you link the controller to the phone of course.

On the other hand, the Xbox Game Pass service was talked about, which allows you to have a library of 100 games for a monthly subscription of $ 10. You can try all EA games through the Ultimate version of the service for $ 15 to enjoy the most popular EA Play titles on November 10.

As for the Microsoft Store itself, it has We wrote all its details from here Not to mention the browsing speed and the new look, the store offers a faster download of the games themselves.

Xbox concluded with an additional hard drive from Seagate which increases the overall storage platform and gives you the same SSD experience as the Xbox Series X | S in terms of reducing loading screens, Quick Resume, etc.

Share your opinion on every detail on Xbox Series X | S, both platforms launch in 10 Nov Are you ready for the new generation?

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