Reports: Son Heung’s contract renewal is a priority at Tottenham


Think club Tottenham The Englishman is seriously considering awarding superstar Son Heung Min a new contract, according to English press reports.

The South Korean player’s current contract with roosters is set to expire in 2023.

The English newspaper “Daily Mail” stated that the issue of renewing Son Heung-min’s contract is a priority for Tottenham and the club’s management.

And shine Son Heung Under the leadership of Jose Mourinho, since the latter’s arrival in the English team last December, where he scored 18 goals in various competitions.

Son Heung blew up goals since the start of this season, scoring 8 goals in 7 matches.

The newspaper stated that Tottenham officials intend in the coming period to take measures to renew contracts for a number of the team’s players, with Sun Heung at the head.

It reported that Son maintains great importance in Tottenham’s lucrative business strategy, given his privileged position in Southeast Asia.

Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy has an unwritten rule that players are not allowed to enter the last two years of their contracts without discussing the issue of renewal, for fear of losing free after that.


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