Removing 20 live worms from the eyelid of a Chinese man


A Chinese doctor has removed 20 live worms from the eyelid of a 60-year-old man, in a strange accident of its kind.According to the “Daily Star” newspaper, the patient, named Wan, who lives in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, east China, said that he first felt that there was a foreign body in his right eye about two months ago, but he thought that this feeling was just fatigue, and then he did not He is interested in going to the hospital to have his eyes examined.

As time passed, Wan began to feel an increasing pain in his eye until he decided to go to Suzhou Hospital for a comprehensive medical examination.

On examination, Dr. Shi Ting found a group of tiny worms stuck under the right eyelid of patient Wan.

Pictures taken by the medical staff of Dr. Shi showed 20 long, curvy worms that the doctor placed in a transparent container after taking them out of the patient’s eyelid.

Wan confirmed that he does not have any pets at home, but he indicated that he regularly exercises outdoor sports, and often communicates with animals outside the home.

The doctor reminded pet owners to keep their animals clean, noting that parasites, such as nematodes, can be easily transmitted to humans.

He also advised patients who suffer from symptoms, such as blurred vision or the feeling of a foreign body in their eyes, to undergo a medical examination.


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