Reem Al-Baroudi belongs to a rich class in the series “Velvet Silk”


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I contracted Reem Al-Baroudi Recently, he starred in the series “Velvet Silk”, which belongs to Quality Drama It consists of 60 episodes and is shown outside the Ramadan season, and is taken from Omaima Ezz El-Din’s novel and the script and dialogue of Muhammad Nair. Reem Al-Baroudi said: “Indeed, I have contracted to star in the series“ Velvet Silk ”, which is a dramatic work that is covered in more than one period of time in a flash Pak, and through him we discuss the issue of intellectual conflict, but in a new way that has not been addressed before in the drama. ”

She added: “I embody through him a character called Fatima, a girl belonging to a rich class, but she has her own mind that she refuses to be controlled by anyone, and the nature of her private life differs from the age in which she lives, and this is why with the sequence of events proves to everyone that her thought is the most correct.” It is supposed to start filming during the next month, and it has also formally contracted with the company Skyermo Media, for its owner Islam Al-Morsi and Naglaa Rushdie, and is preparing for a big dramatic surprise, through which it will compete in the next Ramadan season. It is reported that Reem Al-Baroudi participated in the previous Ramadan season. 2020 through the Salem collection series, starring Zina and a large number of stars

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