Recycle 6 million liters of transformer oil in 5 years, the Saudi Press Agency


Riyadh, Rabi` al-Awwal 11, 1442 AH, corresponding to October 28, 2020 CE
The Saudi Electricity Company made it clear that, due to its belief in its national duty to protect the environment, and its responsibility towards society and future generations, it works to preserve and preserve the environment and reduce its pollution, by adhering to applicable environmental laws and standards; To protect public health and support sustainable development, noting that it recycled nearly 6 million liters of transformer oils from 2012 to 2016, with the aim of reducing resource loss and reducing the production of hazardous waste.
It indicated that its sites work to monitor emissions from chimneys, with continuous monitoring devices or portable devices, in addition to monitoring stray emissions, industrial and sanitary wastewater discharges, groundwater pollution, environmental noise and air quality in areas surrounding its facilities, and ozone-depleting substances.
Saudi Electricity affirmed its full commitment to designing all its projects. In order to comply with the prevailing environmental standards, to contribute to improving the environment of the Kingdom, indicating that in this framework it is working to monitor the level of compliance with the general environment system issued in the year 2001, and the updated environmental standards, through periodic auditing based on the company’s environmental audit protocol in compliance with 2011 ISO 19011, which It determines the level of compliance of each of the audited company’s sites with these standards.
She explained that environmental compatibility documents have been prepared and applied, awareness and training programs have been implemented, environmental studies and surveys have been prepared, waste management facilities have been established, material recovery systems have been installed in fuel tanks, fumigation ponds and tanks for hazardous materials have been installed, oil and polluted water separation systems have been improved, and systems installed. Monitoring and controlling the emissions of air pollutants in the power plants, such as the control systems for emissions of sulfur and nitrogen oxides and suspended particles.
The company indicated that it began cooperation with local and international research centers on how to take advantage of the carbon ashes resulting from the combustion process of heavy oil in steam generation stations and convert it from a dangerous substance harmful to the environment, into a useful material and turn it into a source of income for the company, where it signed an agreement with The Research Institute of the Canadian Memorial University to study the possibility of extracting valuable minerals from carbon ash, such as vanadium and nickel, and the use of carbon ash in water purification and in the treatment of gas emissions from boilers, as well as signed an agreement with Al-Safwa Cement Company to recycle carbon ash and use it as an energy source in an environmentally safe manner.
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