Real Madrid News: The newspapers expose the only Real Madrid player who refused to reduce his wages


Real Madrid – Spanish League

Sport 360 – Spanish press reports have revealed the only player in the Real Madrid Who refused to reduce his salary last season after the economic damage caused by the Corona virus pandemic to the club’s budget.

وقرر Real Madrid Reducing players’ wages by 10% due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and this campaign was led by Commander Sergio Ramos in cooperation with the club’s management, and all players agreed to this option without hesitation, except for one player.

Gareth Bale resisted everyone at Real Madrid

According to the newspaper, “One Football“The only player who refused to sacrifice a fraction of his salary was Welsh star Gareth Bale, who later left the club and returned to Tottenham Hotspur.

The newspaper stated in its report that Gareth Bale’s agent was the one who advised him not to agree to a salary reduction, which created further tension in the relationship between the player and the club.

The newspaper directed harsh criticism of the Welsh star for not trying to support his club despite the pandemic that greatly affected the budget, noting that it was a shameful behavior of the player, especially since he was the highest paid player among all the players.

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