Real Madrid News: Real Madrid fears a painful scenario that has been repeated three times against Cadiz


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Sport 360 – Club hosts Real Madrid Newly Returned For the Spanish League First division Cadiz at Alfredo Di Stéfano Stadium in the sixth round of La Liga, while the royal fears a repetition of a scenario that has tasted bitterness in front of the same team on three previous occasions.

Throughout the history of the two teams, Real Madrid faced its opponent this week in 33 games, 24 in the Spanish League and 9 in the King’s Cup, the result of which was sweeping in favor of the Merengue, who won 24 games, while the two teams tied in 6 games, as for the three The remaining matches were won by Cadiz, in resounding surprises and one scenario.

Cadiz defeated Real Madrid 1-0 in three matches

The first match in which Kadesh succeeded in bringing down the royal giants came in December 1977, and at that time Baena succeeded in scoring a goal for the owners of the land in the 12th minute, and despite the presence of a star in the ranks of Real Madrid, such as Vicente de Bosque, Santillana and Juanito, he did not succeed in returning in the meeting To become the first time that a major lost the capital to the small team

The same Merengue trio witnessed their team’s defeat for the second time against Cadiz after 4 years and in the same scenario, as Real Madrid trailed in the result with a goal in the 40th minute by Manuel Cusano Bernal “Mane”, and despite all his attempts, the Merengue did not succeed in returning in the meeting to lose a clean goal again.

After 10 years, specifically in March 1991, the same scenario was repeated with the owners of the white uniform, and with the start of the match against Cadiz in the Spanish League, the owners of the land got a penalty kick by Jose Gonzalez, scoring the first goal in the first minute, at a time when defender Manuel was exposed Sanchez was expelled from the Royal ranks, so the team failed to return in the match as well and turned the score to lose for the third and final time to Cadiz with a clean goal.

Perhaps what promises Real Madrid in Saturday’s match that this scenario will not be repeated is to go to the match at home, as Cadiz did not succeed in his history in achieving any positive result at Real Madrid’s stadium except for one time in which he came out with a tied point in the 1991-92 season.

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