Rana in “Dar Al Wardia”: Our life is torture!


More than two months after the bombing of the Beirut port and on the first anniversary of the popular demonstrations that took place in the Lebanese streets on October 17, 2019, the “Wardia House”, which was finally born in the heart of “Dar Al-Musawwar” in Beirut, is hosting “Tasseer” and “Inscription” Stone »Rana (photo). Two parallel displays of ten panels “archive” this difficult period in a “visual-expressive” manner, according to the expression in the text of the invitation. The exhibition will open next Thursday and will be concluded on the fifth of November.
* Opening of “Tashkir” and “Engraving with Stone”: Thursday, October 29th – at five in the evening – Café “Dar Al Wardia” (Dar Al Mussawar – Hamra / Beirut). For inquiries: 01/373347

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