Ramadan Sobhy: “The African Championship will be considered and I wish Al-Ahly crowned it.”


Ramadan Sobhy, the Pyramids playmaker, confirmed that he wishes Al-Ahly to be crowned in the African Champions League after the team reached the final match. Ramadan said in televised statements to the program “The Story” with the media Amr Adib: I did not feel jealous of Al-Ahly’s arrival in the African Final, and I hope he will be crowned with this championship because It will count for me, because I participated in it and was registered in the list, and I do not wish Al-Ahly crowned this title because it will count for me, but for the sake of Al-Ahly.

He added: Looking at the financial return is not right in any case, the material is important to everyone, but it is not everything, and I love playing Cristiano Ronaldo, because he has developed himself a lot, and has charisma, Ronaldo decided to leave Real Madrid to Juventus, he moved from the best team in the world. To Juventus, because he wants to achieve something else in his mind.

Wasel: I love Amr Diab and Tamer Hosni. There is no favorite singer, but there are certain songs that I hear, and friends of my life outside the ball are my classmates and are very close to me.

He continued: All my thinking is sparkling with Pyramids, and I hope to join the first and Olympic team. We played a good tournament and I am not worried about participating in a match with fans, I made my decision and I know its consequences well.

He resumed: Habiba told me that this matter was my own decision, but she was constantly asking me about the reason for my sadness after leaving Al-Ahly, and I used to tell her that what bothered me most was that the fans thought that everything I was presenting with the team on the stadium was not from my heart.

He concluded: I want to thank the Al-Ahly club because other than them, I would not have been there and would not be good for me, and the masses would have learned for many needs, and I hope you will not be upset with me.


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