Ramadan Sobhi detonates a surprise about his move to Pyramids


The player, “Ramadan Sobhi”, explained that he had contacted the president of Al-Ahly club, Mahmoud Al-Khatib, before moving to the “Pyramids” club, to inform him of negotiating with the Blue Club without charging him or signing for him.

Pyramids Club offer:

The player, “Ramadan Subhi”, noted: “I got an offer from the” Pyramids “club within 48 hours. I did not get any money or sign for him. I called the president of Al-Ahly club to tell him that I approached the blue team by a great rate of 80%.

He continued, “After trying to reach Al-Khatib, I called Amir Tawfiq and told him that I had not signed with Pyramids and had not received any money, and I assured him that the negotiations came within 48 hours.”

And the player “Ramadan Subhi” blew up a “surprise” to Al-Ahly. He issued a statement in which he made clear that I do not want to play with Al-Ahly, which is the opposite of what was communicated to Amir Tawfiq.

End negotiations with Huddersfield:

“If Al-Ahly club wanted to end the negotiations with Huddersfield, it would have been done early, before getting any offers and entering strongly at the last moments,” he ended.

The player “Ramadan Subhi” has officially moved to Pyramids during the current summer transfer period from Huddersfield for a fee of 3.2 pounds.


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