Ramadan 2021 drama has been launched … and Yasser Al Azmeh is preparing for “Maraya”


Last update: 16 – October – 2020 2:59 PM

Unlike last year, especially with the outbreak of the Corona virus and the filming of most series stopped, which led to the loss of the producers, who were unable to present their series in the usual manner, as some of them went to postpone the show of work for the next Ramadan, and some of them showed only half of the series’ episodes to catch up with the Ramadan race.

After a drama season that did not achieve much success for the Syrian drama in the 2020 season, the wheel of Syrian drama production took off strongly in its season for the year 2021, as the filming camera circulated early in many series of which a part had been disrupted in its implementation last season, and some of them were filmed by being a part Complementing parts before it, as for the rest, it is for new works that are specifically conceived for the new season, and according to the activity of the production companies and what they have declared, this season will achieve, on the level of quantitative volume, more than the productions of last season, which did not exceed in total ten works, according to a post by the Syrian drama on Facebook .

The first of these works is “Bab Al Hara” in its eleventh part, and it is the longest Arab drama series at all, as its previous episodes exceeded 300, and the “Silk Market” series in its second part, benefited from the criticism directed at the drama of the Levantine environment and developed a map of various events that simulates the middle period The twentieth century and the artistic and cultural openness that was witnessed in Syria in general and Damascus in particular during that period and the social and cultural movement in it, as well as it is planned to produce the series “Brokar” Part Two.

As for the new works, the series “Harat Al-Qubba” will show a set of stories and novels that were taking place in Damascus during the period during which the events of al-Sham were during the Battle of Safar Berlik and the social and political repercussions that people lived at the time.

As for the series “The Kandoush”, which is the first work written by the famous artist Hussam Tahseen Bey and directed by Samir Hussein in his first experience in the Levantine environment after his successful appearance many times in the social aspect, it is a long work on sixty episodes, which, as its author Hussam Tahseen Bey says: It is completely different from all that was previously presented in the Levantine environment and will reflect the true image of the people of Levant in the era of the Ottoman occupation. The championship will be presented by Ayman Zidan, Abdel-Hadi Al-Sabbagh and Ayman Reda.

In turn, the series “Wedding Al Hara” will take place within the framework of the usual stories presented in the works of the Levantine environment, with linking that to the Lebanese environment, where some aspects of Lebanese life will be present in it. It will be filmed between Syria and Lebanon and will feature artists from both countries.

And the series “Aziza choir”, shows the atmosphere of Damascus in a regular fictional fabric, in which the forces of good and evil struggle. And many Syrian artists participate in acting.

Whereas, the series “Walad Sultan” is a new experience that enters the field of works of the Levantine environment (it presents a group of folk stories that take place in the neighborhoods of Damascus). And remain in the production plans for the current season two works are still in the final preparation stage, and they are “Al-Arabji”, as well as “Haramlik” in its third part.


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