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Home Saudi News Rainy thunderstorms in Al-Baha, the Saudi Press Agency

Rainy thunderstorms in Al-Baha, the Saudi Press Agency


General / “weather”: thunderstorms raining in Al-Baha area

Wednesday 3/3/1442 AH corresponding to 10/28/2020 AD, SPA

Al-Baha 11 Rabi` Al-Awal 1442 AH corresponding to October 28, 2020 AD SPA
The Presidency of Meteorology and Environmental Protection warned of thunderstorms in Al-Baha today, accompanied by activity in surface winds, and a decrease in the range of vision.
The alert, which lasts until 8 pm, includes the city of Al-Baha, Al-Hajrah governorate, Al-Mandaq, Qalwa and its adjacent parts.
In turn, the Civil Defense Directorate in Al-Baha Region warned all citizens and residents of the need to take precautions and follow the instructions and instructions of the civil defense in such cases, stay away from the streams of torrents and valleys, and call 998 to report any emergency cases – God forbid -.
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