Ragheb Alama is preparing for two new works


Lebanese star works Ragheb Alama To prepare for a new song in the Lebanese dialect, written and distributed by Elie Saba, composed by Wissam Al Amir, and its name has not been settled yet, provided that it will be recorded and posted on YouTube and the singing platforms during the next few weeks.

The Lebanese star Ragheb Alama is collaborating on two new songs, the first is called “Les Sayebni”, from the words of Ahmed Kotout, music distribution by John Marie Riacci, and the second is titled “Kanna Habayeb”, written by Haitham Selim, and arranged by John Marie Riachi.

It is noteworthy that the last work of the Lebanese star Ragheb Alama was the song “You are our hope” to raise awareness against the Corona virus, and the song was written by the poet Nizar Francis, composed by Jean-Marie Riach, and directed by Sami Saab.

Ragheb thanked the Lebanese army and the security forces, which facilitated the filming of some of the clips for the clip, and the song “Sadfa”, written and composed by Amani Al-Nuri.


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