Ragheb Alama chose Sherine not Elissa? – close


Ragheb_Amama appeared as a guest on Ali Yassin on the (New) screen, and spoke about several topics, the most important of which was his intention to repeat the duet experience with an Arab artist after Elissa, who sang with her two decades ago (absent).

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He chose Sherine Abdel Wahab, and said he loved her voice and wished that something would bring them together soon.

But about Elisa and the possibility of repeating the singing experience with her, he commented: (I love very much, but you have to ask her the question, when I sang with her (absent) she was in her beginning, now she has become a big star).

Does this mean that he prefers Egyptian to Lebanese?

Or does he feel that Elissa will reject the idea now if he proposes it to her?

Sherine responded a short while ago and welcomed his offer and described it as (Dongguan) Arab art, meaning the man that women love.

She wrote: (Mercy, Dongguan, the artistic community, you are sweet and your words are sweet, and for sure singing beside you will be a great honor for me).

He replied: “Before the people, saying to you … Let’s make them happy with a song that befits us and them, and I love you very, very much).

Do they really meet soon with a new work, and they are both of the most important and successful artists of Egypt and Lebanon?

(You are absentIt is considered one of the most successful duet songs in the Arab East, and despite the passage of 19 years, it is still being heard.

Elissa released it on the album (Akherha Ma3ak) in 2001, and at that time she was a rising artist, and after that she became one of the most important stars of the East.

Sherine welcomes the idea of ​​the duet with Ragheb Alama


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