Ragheb Alama asks to sing with Sherine, what did she respond?


Khaberni – The Lebanese singer “Ragheb Alama” announced during his hosting of an interview with the Lebanese “Al Jadid” channel of his desire to present a singing duet with the Egyptian actress “Sherine Abdel Wahab”.

And that is after their success together in presenting a number of songs on stage earlier .. indicating that he is preparing a song that suits Sherine’s voice, which he described as “warm and deep” and its composition and wishes to present it with her.

On the other hand, Sherine Abdel Wahab responded to Ragheb Alama’s request in a tweet to her on her Twitter account, expressing her gratitude for that.

She wrote: “Mercy, Dongguan, the artistic community … you are sweet and your words are sweet and I am sure singing beside you will be a great honor for me.”

Ragheb Alama replied to it with a tweet to him, in which he said: “In front of the people, he said to you .. let’s make them happy with a song that befits us and in them and I love you very, very much.”


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