Qualcomm is developing its own gaming phone in partnership with Asus


Confirmed The latest Reports Which Came Through DigiTimes On that a company Qualcomm may be Started the work On Development Issued The private From Phones Custom للألعاب، On that Reveal About This Version Before End of this year.

Preparing a company Qualcomm To hold Event in a the first From Dec والذي Lasts For two days، Where Progress Giant manufacturing The chips Through the event chip Processor Snapdragon 875 Distinctive Which Come By one From Kernels Cortex-X1 لدعم performance Best.

And in report came From DigiTimes Refer to me that Qualcomm Started Already in a Development Her phone Ad hoc للألعاب In partnership With Asus, vol Kicks off officially Later This year.

And from Expected that Working Qualcomm On Use Tools والموارد Necessary To produce Telephone Special للألعاب، والذي Based Sure On a processor The company the new With Configs Necessary لهذه Category From Phones والتي Come From Between them System Cooling، And capacitance the biggest For the battery، With Rate Top in a Update the screen to me side Components و .دوات Controller Dedicated للألعاب، And for sure Best performance For a unit Treated And kart the screen، Where From Expected that Promotes This The release for the Adren series.



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