PUBG MOBILE celebrates Halloween with the new Halloweeks update!


PUBG Mobile announced a new update that adds Halloweeks mode to celebrate Halloween with the arrival of Zombies, so let’s get to know everything the update brings in detail.

The PUBG Mobile game is now celebrating Halloween with a new update called Halloweeks that adds an atmosphere of horror inside the game and you have to prepare because we are talking about a new style of play, Zombies, a song by the Rock N ‘Roll, which is POWER4, and a festive play experience in Cheer Park training ground.

In terms of new modes, we have the return of the Infection mode specifically for Halloween, which was launched on October 23 and continues with you until November 9, the Infection mode is available in the classic Erangel map and includes the new Halloweeks mode, which is the appearance of camps for Zombies in four locations around the map, The idea is that these camps contain valuable boxes, but they are guarded by wandering zombies, and of course you have to fight them to open these boxes and get from them valuable team resources not to mention the presence of Zombies leaders who will also appear on the battlefield and start throwing stones at you and these will provide you with the basic battle supplies when eliminating them.

On the other hand, the new update introduces the Rock N ‘Roll band who are the POWER4 team who will sing their new song Nothing’s Getting In Our Way inside the game, and you can get cosmetic resources including POWER4 clothes and more exclusive clothes in Halloweeks.

Finally, as a player, you will be able to go to Cheer Park training places to challenge the endless torrents of monsters to test yourself and improve your rating as a training camp player.

Share your opinion about the new Halloweeks update in PUBG Mobile, you can download the game from The App Store For iOS or Google Play Store For Android!

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