Prince Harry “did not understand racial bias until after he put himself in Megan’s shoes.”


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Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, admitted that his upbringing as a member of the royal family did not allow him to understand conscious racial bias.

Prince Harry said it took him a few years and the opportunity to envision himself in the whereabouts of his wife Megan in order to acknowledge the problem.

“I didn’t imagine the problem existed,” he said.

Harry made these revelations to Patrick Hutchinson, an advocate for “black lives matter”, during a festival.

Hutchinson, a personal trainer, became famous after he was photographed carrying a wounded white man during clashes between protesters and policemen, an act Harry admired.

Harry was speaking via video link from his residence in Santa Barbara, and said, “No one is pointing an accusing finger, it cannot be done, especially if it is a matter of unconscious bias.”

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“When you realize or feel something embarrassed, you have a responsibility to try to learn and understand things, because ignorance is no longer an excuse. I did not understand the unconscious bias because of my upbringing, and I did not realize its existence, and it took me many years to realize its existence, especially when I envision myself for a day or a week,” he added. In my wife’s place, this is sad. “

“We can do a lot”

Harry enjoyed many privileges as the son of the Prince of Wales and was educated at Eton Elite College before receiving his military training at Hearst College.

The Duke and Duchess have talked extensively about racial discrimination issues recently, and they published an article in the Evening Standard saying that “there is a lost generation of people of color.”

Last year, the Duke wrote in an issue of “Vogue” that he contributed to editing as a guest, that unconscious bias is “something that not many people understand, and this may lead to racism.”

Speaking to Hutchinson, Prince Harry urged people of all backgrounds to grapple with the issue of racism.

“This is a global issue,” he said. “The train has left the station, and if you are not on board then go up to it because we can do a lot. As a father, I think that my mission is to leave this world and my son in a better condition than it was when I came to it.”

Speaking of the incident that took place during the protests in June, Hutchinson said, “We were delighted that we were able to avoid a very dangerous situation. Yes, I will do it for anyone, and I will do it again, this is not something you think about carefully.”

He added that the issues behind the protests for racial equality make you think why people find it difficult to realize that we are fighting for equality.

Harry described it as “a prime example of how everyone should act and act.”

“Even when there are two groups in a state of confrontation, you did not hesitate, you did your duty, you saved a life,” he added.

The two men talked about the need to stay vigil during the lockdown and the need to pay attention to mental health.

Harry said, “For isolated men, this situation can be very difficult, unless you know the different solutions to the different problems that may face you, whether it is going out for a walk, running or doing something that contributes to maintaining your mental and physical health.”


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