Prices of the dollar, the euro and gold in Libya today, Friday, October 30, 2020


10/30 08:42

The exchange rates of most foreign and Arab currencies in Libya stabilized today, Friday, with the transactions of the parallel market and the Libyan Central Bank of Libya.

The most traded foreign exchange rates in Libya were as follows.

The price of one US dollar was about 6.25 dinars.

As for the price of the euro in Libya, it recorded about 7.35 dinars.

The price of the pound sterling in Libya was about 7.90 dinars.

Among the Arab currencies in circulation strongly in Libya, the Tunisian dinar came to record 2.25 dinars.

The price of the Egyptian pound settled at 0.38 dinars.

As for the Jordanian dinar, it recorded about 8.65 dinars.

The exchange rate of the dollar in the Central Bank of Libya was recorded at 1.36 dinars for sale and 1.35 for purchase.

While the price of the euro scored about 1.61 for selling and 1.61 for buying.

The 18-carat gold record is about 275 Libyan dinars.


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