Preparedness for unrest .. Fears in Canada about an unclear result of the US elections


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that his government fears “some disturbances” in the United States in the event of a converging result between the candidates for the US presidential elections on November 3, stressing that his country is prepared for all possible scenarios.

“We all view the polarization in the United States with some concern,” Trudeau added, stressing that his government is watching very carefully the American elections. “Because of its potential impact on the Canadian economy and on Canadians.”

Trudeau avoided discussing President Trump’s refusal so far to commit to a peaceful transfer of power, and said in response to a question from reporters about his instructions to his government in this regard, “We certainly all hope for a smooth transition or a clear outcome of the elections, like many around the world.”

He said that if the matter was not clear, there might be some disturbances, “we have to be prepared, whatever the outcome.”

This is the first comment that Trudeau admits to political instability (south of the Canadian border), during an ongoing election campaign in which President Trump has already challenged the credibility of the possible outcome.

Trump sparked a wave of controversy when he recently stated that he might not accept the election results if he was defeated, and refused to rule out this possibility when asked whether he would support a peaceful transition of power, and said, “We’ll see what happens.”


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