Pompeo likens “Hezbollah” to “Al Qaeda” and “ISIS”: It is carrying out Iran’s malicious agenda!


US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo likened “Hezbollah” to “ISIS” and “Al Qaeda”, in welcoming the increase in the number of countries that recently banned the activities of “Hezbollah” on their soil and classified it as a “terrorist organization”.

According to Al Arabiya website, Pompeo welcomed, today, Sunday, the increasing number of countries that banned the activities of “Hezbollah”, the most recent of which is Estonia and Guatemala, which classified the party as a “terrorist organization”, considering that “the party implements Iran’s malign agenda and is active across countries as well as Al Qaeda.” ISIS to carry out its terrorist acts. “Pompeo said, in a statement, that “Guatemala’s decision to classify” Hezbollah “, with its two wings (political and military), as a terrorist organization, showed its determination to confront this dangerous organization.

He also considered that “this important step will contribute to impeding” Hezbollah “planning terrorist attacks or raising funds across the world. He stressed that “Hezbollah is a transnational terrorist organization whose aim is to implement Iran’s malign agenda.”

In addition, Pompeo likened “Hezbollah” to “Al Qaeda” and “ISIS” in terms of its expansion across the world, “according to what has been revealed by plans that have been uncovered and prevented their occurrence in recent years in the American, European, African and Asian continents, and the Middle East,” he said. .

Pompeo urged all US partners to classify “Hezbollah” as a whole as a “terrorist organization,” stressing that “there is no difference between its military and political wings.”He also recalled similar decisions taken by Germany, Lithuania and Kosovo, in addition to a pledge in this context from Serbia. He considered that “these crucial decisions constitute an admission that” Hezbollah “, with its two wings (political and military), is a terrorist organization and poses a great threat in Europe and the rest of the world.

And he urged all countries to take any decisions that would prevent the activities of Hezbollah and its financiers on their territories.It is noteworthy that the Estonian government announced on Thursday the imposition of sanctions on “Hezbollah” because of what it considered “its terrorist activities”, describing it as a “major threat to international security and the security of Estonia.” A statement posted on the Estonian Foreign Ministry’s Twitter account read: “On the proposal of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the government decided to impose sanctions on Hezbollah for its terrorist activities.” The statement added, “Estonia’s decision imposes a ban on entering the country on members of” Hezbollah “, who belong to its military and political wings, and imposes sanctions on certain leaders of the organization, which will be named during the coming period.

In turn, Guatemala announced Friday that it had classified all branches of “Hezbollah” a terrorist organization, making it the eighth country to classify the party as a terrorist organization in 2020.


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