Pirlo: The loss to Barcelona is a useful lesson for Juventus


TORINO – Juventus coach Andrea Pirlo said Wednesday’s defeat by Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League was another useful lesson for the club, which is still under renovation.

Juventus lost at home to Barça with a clean double in the second round of Group G matches in the European Champions League group stage.

Pirlo, who is in his first season in his coaching career, added in a press conference after the match, “This defeat will help us mature, it was a difficult match against a team that knows how to play well and is ahead of us in the career. We are a team under renewal and with a group of players who played their second match in the Champions League “.

Juventus have drawn three of four matches on the field in the league, while they have won once and lost the same in the Champions League as Pirlo tries to rebuild the team.

And the Italian coach added, “We are looking for development and equal confrontations against teams like Barcelona as soon as possible.”

Captain Leonardo Bonucci admitted that the results have so far been disappointing.

He said, “It is time to get our best. These results do not meet our standards. We knew how difficult it was tonight. We made so many mistakes and Barcelona is unforgivable, we could have done more … But it is clear that the new players lack experience at the European level.” .

“We play every three days and this is starting to appear on us. Now we have to think about returning to the path of victories in the league,” he added.


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