Pictures … a record price for a rare copy of Shakespeare’s plays



Al Ain News
Christie’s auction house in New York said a rare book that collects the 1623 theatrical works by William Shakespeare was sold Wednesday at auction for a record $ 9.97 million.

The book, known internationally as “The First Folio”, includes Shakespeare’s 36 plays. This is one of 6 complete copies known to be in the possession of private persons or institutions, and expectations indicated that it would be sold at a price ranging between 4 and 6 million dollars.

The rare copy was bought by American collector and art collector Stephan Lunthel, founder of the 19th Century Rare Books and Pictures Store on the American East Coast.

And the price he paid for the book, on Wednesday, set a new world record for any literary book printed. The auction house said the previous record price for a copy of Shakespeare’s works was about $ 6.16 million in 2001.

Were it not for this pamphlet, which was compiled by friends of the English writer and poet seven years after his death, about 18 plays, including Macbeth, The Tempest, As You Like, and Julius Caesar would not have been published or seen the light.

“It is an honor to purchase one of the handwritten copies of this historical work,” Lenthel said in a statement.


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