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The series “You Knock My Babi”, episode 16, is published, Google Search Indicators, starring “Handa Archil” and “Karam Bursen”.

1_ The sixteenth episode of the series “You knock my door” begins, with “Serkan’s fear” for “Ida” after she falls into a hole in the camp in which the team is present, and takes her to the hospital, and the doctor asks him to follow her for 24 hours.

2_ “Serkan” cares about “Ida” all day long, which raises suspicion for “Ida”, and she begins to think that there is another reason for his separation from her.

3_ The next day, Ida goes to the company and Serkan tries to control his nerves, especially after “working with” Eve “- his new partner – and getting close to her.

4_ “Serkan” holds a meeting with “Celine” and “Engin” and informs them that “Ivy” has offered “Fred” to buy his shares in the company, and that he believes that there is a secret behind his choice of this particular company, and asks them to inquire about him.

5_ Fifi proposes to “Ivar” to rent the café in order to pay off the debts accumulated in the “flower shop”. Ivar agrees with the idea so as not to go bankrupt.

6_ “Celine” tries to keep “Jiren” away from the company and proposes to Serkan to cooperate with a lawyer who is more experienced than her. After the partners vote, votes are divided about whether or not she is there.

7_ “Ivy” tells “Serkan” that he decided to move to another building with his team because he can no longer bear this tension, but “Serkan” tries to prevent him in all ways.

8_ “Brill” thinks that “Engin” is bringing her a surprise for her birthday, but in reality he does not remember and is planning to play a football match with friends.

9_ The girls decide to celebrate “Beryl” on their own way. He informs “Engin” by chance, and he decides to go to the party when he is young to apologize from “Brill”.

10_ Aidan calls Ida and asks her for help in order to get rid of her fear that has dominated her for many years and to keep her from leaving the door of her house, but when Serkan learns that his mother called Ida, he gets angry and asks her to call her again.

It is noteworthy that the hero of the work “Karam Bursin” embodies during the series the role of “Serkan”, a talented architect and owner of one of the largest companies in “Turkey”. She learns from different trust and love.

As for the beautiful actress “Handa Archil”, who has more than 15 million followers on Instagram, she plays “Ida”, the simple girl who sells flowers, but at the same time she is strong and daring.


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