Photos and Videos | New Hady Black “shakes the earth” with Lifestyle Studios


Lifestyle Studios has released a new video clip for the star Hady Aswad on its official YouTube channel for the song “Earth Shakes”.

This work, which “shook” social networking sites from the first minutes of its release, constitutes the first collaboration between Hadi and the leading company in the world of Arab music.

The video clip was directed by the creative Fadi Haddad, who chose the Lebanese Batroun region as a suitable place for his wonderful scenes.

In the video clip, Hady plays the role of a young engineer restoring an old building. A young girl who works in a nearby restaurant gets his attention and falls in love with her. It is worth noting that the work sheds light on the smoking problem in a nice educational message.

The song is in the Egyptian dialect, written and composed by Amr El Shazly, distributed by Zoom Music, and recorded in Nasser Al-Asaad Studio.


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