Photos | A cold war between the heroes of the series “You knock my door”, episode 15


The series “You Knock My Door”, episode 15, has been featured on Google Search Trends, and it is starring “Handa Archel” and “Karam Bursen”.

1_ The episode begins with the shock of “Ida” from “Serkan” after he asked for “separation”, justifying that his work is the most important thing in his life, and he does not want to lose his name and his company, so Ida responds to him with one word, which is “I hate you.”

2_ Ida returns to her home and asks Fifi to come because she needs her. When Fifi and Jiren come, she tells them that she is separated from Serkan, and that she thought he loved her and her soulmate.

3_ Ida decides to go to Serkan again and starts to scold him, telling him that she will be strong and will not allow him to destroy her life again. Then Serkan’s mother meets her and tries to console her.

4_ Ida tries to gather herself, but she is shocked again when she learns that her aunt asked her grandmother to pay her university expenses, so that Ida became very angry, especially since she did not accept her grandmother’s help as she was responsible for the death of her parents.

5_ At the same time, Afia is offering her to continue her work in the company as an engineer; But she refused at first, and after the insistence of “Avi”, it was decided not to flee from “Serkan” and to think about her future.

6_ “Serkan” thinks that “Ida” has gone out of his life forever and tries to return to his work, but he is shocked when he finds “Ida” in the company, so that his jealousy begins to ignite because of the relationship of “faith” and “Ida”.

7_ A competition begins between the “Serkan” team and the “Afia” team to win the port project, but the project owner asks them to cooperate together.

8_ “Avih” decides to take the team on vacation in a camp. At first, Serkan refuses to go, but he retreats and joins his team.

9_ After many events, Serkan apologizes to Ida for breaking her heart.

10_ The episode ends with Ida’s disappearance from the team, which worries Serkan, and begins to search for her.

It is noteworthy that the hero of the work, “Karam Bursin”, embodies the role of “Serkan”, a talented architect and owner of one of the largest companies in “Turkey”, during the series, and tries to restore his ex-girlfriend and business partner who is logically more suitable for him, so events turn when he meets “Ida” to start an adventure with her She learns from different trust and love.

As for the beautiful actress “Handa Archil”, who has more than 15 million followers on Instagram, she plays “Ida”, the simple girl who is a flower seller, but at the same time she is strong and daring.


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