Paul Pogba threatens promoters of “false reports about his retirement from international football” due to Macron’s comments


Manchester United soccer midfielder Paul Pogba has said that he will take legal action against “false reports” that he intends to retire for France.

And those reports indicated that Pogba, 27, may withdraw from the French national football team due to French President Emmanuel Macron’s statements about Islam.

The young player, who was a member of the French national team that won the World Cup in 2018, scored ten goals in 72 matches for his country.

Bogba said, “completely unfounded news that is circulating about me refers to things I have not said before.”

“I feel terrified, angry, shocked, and frustrated at using my name to create false news headlines,” the Man United midfielder wrote on his Instagram account.

Bogba, who is a Muslim, added, “I am against all forms of terrorism and violence. Unfortunately, some workers in the press do not act responsibly when writing news, abuse the freedom of the press, and do not verify the authenticity of what they have written or rewrite it, which raises gossip without regard to its impact. It affects people’s lives and mine. ”

He confirmed that he would take legal measures “against publishers and those who contributed to the spread of this false news.”


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