Paris is on “red alert” starting from Monday


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Paris: French Health Minister Olivier Ferrand announced Thursday that the capital, Paris and its suburb, may be subject to the requirements of a state of maximum alert from Monday, if the steady acceleration of the transmission of epidemic infection is confirmed.

He explained that this classification “is supposed to temporarily reduce the population of Paris and the surrounding cordon of social interaction significantly, and generally more than they do: no family parties, no parties, complete closure of bars.”

Ferrand announced in a press briefing that Paris and its suburb “have crossed the three thresholds that may fit the state of maximum alert.”

The French minister also referred to the “deterioration” of the situation in “five major cities, namely Lille, Lyon, Grenoble, Toulouse and Saint-Etienne,” where “developments in recent days are a source of grave concern”.

The government’s decision last week to include Marseille and Guadeloupe within the maximum alert range, with what entails in terms of imposing severe restrictions, including the complete closure of restaurants and bars, sparked widespread discontent at the local level.


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