Palestinian Producer Mai Odeh wins “Variety” magazine award


The source of the image is Mai Odeh’s Instagram account

Photo by Mai Odeh from the El Gouna Festival

Palestinian producer Mai Odeh won the American entertainment magazine “Variety” award for the best Arab talent in the Middle East.

She received the award during a ceremony held on the sidelines of the ongoing El Gouna Film Festival activities in the tourist resort overlooking the Red Sea.

In its fourth session, the festival will present the film “200 meters” produced by Mai Odeh and directed by Amin Nayfeh as part of the feature film competition.

“I consider the award one of the most important awards in the field of cinema around the world,” Odeh said, after receiving the award.

She added: “I am very happy that I am a productive woman and for the first time I produced a long film, and proud that there is an appreciation for the role of the producer as it is customary to give the director more appreciation … I would love to dedicate this award to my family who still do not know what I am doing in life, and everyone who Join me in the work of producers in all countries. ”

Source: “Reuters”


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