Palestine – Scientists are unable to explain why some have not been infected with Covid-19


(MENAFN – Palestine News Network) Bethlehem / PNN- Academician Arij Tutulian, director of the Pasteur Institute for Epidemiology and Microbiology, announced that there is a group of people who do not become infected with “Covid-19” disease even after repeated contact with the infected.

According to him, this phenomenon cannot be explained by their observance of the health rules followed during the epidemic period or by using personal protective equipment. And he admits that its causes are not clear to scientists.

“We are still unable to formulate and define the biological indicators that provide this resistance,” the academic said in the “Community Health 2020” forum.

He added, “The fact that there is a certain group of people who do not get sick despite frequent contact with infected people who carry the infection is a reality.”

It is reported that it had previously been announced that people carrying certain genetic mutations did not develop “Covid-19-“, while the inheritors of Neanderthals were severely affected by it.

Source: Vesti. Ru



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