Palestine Film Days set their ends ‘Between Heaven and Earth’


The closing ceremony was held at the Ram Cultural Palace in the presence of a number of officials and artists while following the necessary sanitary precautions to curb the spread of the Coronavirus.

In the closing statement, the festival organizers said that despite the exceptional situation in light of the Corona pandemic, the festival has succeeded in attracting more than 30 international, Arab and local films.

“Despite the challenges that faced the organization of the festival, we were able to achieve its desired goals in terms of attendance and quality of films under exceptional circumstances,” said Hanna Atallah, the festival’s artistic director.

The closing ceremony included the announcement of the two winning projects in the “Sunbird Tales” program organized by Film Lab – Palestine in cooperation with the Cinvilia Production Company.

The award went to the film project “Ornina and the Ghoula” by director and screenwriter Emile Saba and screenwriter Bayan Shabib, and the film project “Khaled and Grace” by director and screenwriter Suhail Dahdal.

Each project received a prize of $ 10,000 and in-kind assistance in production and post-production services. According to the festival management, this program aims to provide Palestinian content for children and adolescents.

This was followed by the announcement of the winning project in the “Palestinian Sunbird” competition for the production category in which 12 projects competed for it, and went to the film project “Blood as Water” by director Dima Hamdan.

The award amounts to $ 10,000, in addition to making it possible to use the imaging and sound equipment available at FilmLab-Palestine during the production phase and to obtain facilities from the institution in the post-production and distribution stages.


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