Othman 31 .. The series, the Resurrection of Othman, episode 31, on the Turkish ATV channel, and the story of love


Fans of the Ottoman History series are searching for the thirty-first episode of the Resurrection of Othman series on the site of Love Story translated into Arabic. Episode 31 of the Resurrection Osman series is broadcast on the Turkish ATV channel, the official carrier of the famous Ottoman Turkish series, Episode 31 of the Resurrection of Othman series, which witnessed exciting and interesting events. Al-Ghazi Bamsi returned to the series after his disappearance in the first episode of the series. 31 And it will be shown at 8 o’clock in Turkey, it is easy to watch the series Resurrection of Othman.

The Resurrection Osman series, episode 31, on the story of love

The thirty-first episode of the Resurrection of Othman series included exciting events, including the prison of the Ottoman warrior Joktug, where Artgrel opposed his son Osman and asked him not to interfere in the affairs of the tribe, and if he did not agree and intervened in the fight to save Jokhtug, he would be punished.

Osman resurrection today

The Resurrection of Othman, episode 31

Episode 31 of the second season of Osman’s Resurrection series witnessed many events, as Ghetto prepared an army to attack the Kai tribe due to the tribe’s accusation of killing his son Munke, and Artgrel would send Savgi to solve the problem with Gigato and prevent the Mongol’s attack on the tribe.

In the most famous events of Episode 31 of the series “The Resurrection of Othman” or the series “The Founder Othman”, the return of the fighter, Gas Bamsi, appeared in a promotional advertisement in a new form and story. In, the pioneers of social networking sites interacted with Bamasy’s return to the second part of “The Resurrection of Othman”.


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