OPPO launches the Reno4 series of phones that feature entertainment experiences


OPPO, the leading brand in the smart device industry, continues to innovate and excel in the world of technology with the launch of the Reno4 series phones, the OPPO Watch smartwatch and the OPPO ENCO W51 wireless headphones.With this launch, Reno4 elevates the entertainment experiences of users through its innovative camera technologies, the dazzling and immersive Borderless Sense Screen, the use of artificial intelligence algorithm, design, color and VOOC fast charger.

Through its camera features and added features, the Reno4 series helps to capture ultra-clear images for everyday use on social media. In detail, the series has provided great portraiture and video features to capture “your very best”. The characteristics are; AI Color Portrait, Night Flare Portrait, Ultra Night Selfie Mode and Ultra Dark Mode.

New features enable you to capture impressive slow-motion videos using the Intelligent Slow-mo at 960 frames per second, to allow users to see every detail in every movement, such as the 3.0 Ultra Steady Video feature that offers 3 stabilization modes and the Front Steady Video feature. And AI Color Portrait Video.

The Reno4 series phones also come with ColorOS 7.2, which provides an easier and more fun user experience than before. In this updated version of the ColorOS operating system, the Quick Return Bubble can shrink the game in the middle of it, and give you the opportunity to switch between several tasks as a moving bubble appears You have important information and a reminder for your return to play the game.

Now it’s easy to play your favorite game while answering your e-mail while on the transport, and all with just one click.

On the other hand, if you prefer to drink coffee while riding in transport, and hold your phone in the other hand, the Icon Pull-Down Gesture feature brings home screen applications to the bottom of the screen so that you can access it with your thumb.

In order to add more entertainment to the Reno4 Pro, the ColorOS 7.2 comes with the OPPO Lab app, an application that combines several fun and innovative features through which you can interact with the product team by liking or disliking a particular feature. OPPO Lab now includes the Lab Ringtone feature and the fun Decision Spinner feature.

In order to ensure smoothness and flow, ColorOS 7.2 is equipped with the Anti-Fragmentation Engine, which reduces about 93% of the appearance of the splash screen, flashback, and crashes due to split memory.

We are not satisfied with this, as the AI ​​APP Preloading feature on Reno4 Pro saves your time by intelligently predicting the applications that you will use at specific times to prepare them via the AI ​​algorithm, and this feature does not consume any energy from the battery, which means you get Much faster phone without any additional battery consumption.

The Reno4 is equipped with a smart AI sensor that performs various functions such as Smart Spying Prevention, Smart AirControl, Smart Rotation and Smart Always-on Display, which allow you to turn the phone into a personal assistant.

When Smart Spying Prevention is turned on, the AI-assisted smart sensor employs the intelligent recognition algorithm and automatically detects if only the owner of the phone is reading it or if someone else is doing it.

And in the event that any alert appears on the phone while another person is looking at him, the details of the alert do not appear, including the drop-down notification drawers, and banner notifications.

The intelligent artificial intelligence sensor also provides an advanced and modern way to control the phone without touching, and this feature can also adapt to your habits. The Smart AirControl feature allows you to answer a phone call or browse social media applications by just waving in front of the phone. And the Smart Rotation feature to track the position of the face and phone and determine whether to rotate the screen or not. This feature provides users with comfortable viewing while surfing websites while lying down in the sleeping position. And the Smart Always-on Display, which works by means of a smart sensor enhanced by artificial intelligence, and can track eye movement towards the phone so that the screen remains open and phone browsing is not interrupted.

The Reno4 phone is available in two colors, Galactic Blue and Space Black, at 6290 EGP, while the Reno4 Pro is available at 8890 EGP.

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