One of them sustained injuries to her neck and the other took off her shoes … impact artists


11:18 PM

Monday 26 October 2020

I wrote – Yasmine El-Sharkawy:

Since the start of the fourth session of the El Gouna Film Festival, which is currently taking place, there are many shots that topped the scene on the festival’s red carpet.

We review this footage in the following lines:

Stephanie Saliba dress

The Lebanese actress, Stephanie Saliba, appeared with an attractive look at the festival’s activities, and Stephanie talked about the dress in which she appeared, confirming that its weight reached 14 kilograms, and she faced suffering while walking with it, and the limit reached causing injuries to her neck.

Maha’s little dress

The broadcaster Maha Al Saghir, the wife of the artist Ahmed El Sakka, sparked controversy at the opening of the festival, because of her appearance, which the audience saw a bit strange, as she wore a pink dress and “blazer”, and the dress was designed by the British fashion designer Christopher.

Yasmine Abu Al-Naja shoes

Yasmine Abu Al-Naja, the daughter of the great actress Najla Fathy, has also sparked widespread controversy on social media platforms, due to her appearance on the red carpet with her husband, director Khader Mohamed Khader on the Red Carpet, and she is barefoot while the latter holds her shoes in his hand, which made the pioneers of social media praise the husband’s position And their image circulated widely.

Ola Rushdie’s poetry

Actress Ola Rushdie also raised controversy, not because of her usual outfits but because of her “hair”, as she adopted the hairstyle of “Curly” for the first time, which prompted the audience to ask her through her account with “Instagram”, if she relied on a wig, and she replied: My hair, O group, is 100% natural I settled it on Al-Hadi daily, the origin of poetry in order to control the needy of misfortune and this and to make him a music and plead for it.

The El Gouna Film Festival kicked off in its fourth session, last Friday evening, under the slogan “Man and Dream”, which continues until October 31, with the participation of a large number of art stars in Egypt and the world, while taking all necessary precautions to prevent Coronavirus (Covid-19) ); To become the first festival in Egypt and the Arab world to be held since the pandemic.

Stars and stars flock to the red carpet over the course of 8 days; To follow its activities, and they are keen to appear in the best manner, and with always eye-catching looks on social media pages, with elegant, loud and bold designs of dresses and suits, among others.


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