“One case” for 80 percent of Corona patients


Slowly but surely, scientists are beginning to understand some of the more mysterious aspects of the emerging corona virus, especially those surrounding the “Covid-19” disease that the virus causes.

One of these confusing matters for doctors was if people were so infected compared to others who did not even show symptoms of the virus.

The latest signs of understanding the Corona virus and its damages to the body came from Spain, where the Marques de Valdes University Hospital in Santander, in the north of the country, conducted an analysis of patients with the virus over a specific period of time.

In this study, which was published in the Oxford Journal of “Endocrinology and Metabolism”, the researchers sought to understand the commonalities of patients.

The study concluded that 80 percent of the study sample of 216 patients were deficient in vitamin “D.”

This percentage of patients were suffering from severe infection from the virus, which required their transfer to hospital.

The study also showed that vitamin D was lower in men than in women.

Jose Hernandez, one of the participants in the study, said that the lifestyle and what is known as “co-morbidity” (a group of disorders that a person suffers from at the same time) could explain the problem of men with this vitamin.

Hernandez stressed the positive effect of vitamin “D” on the human immune system.

Previous research had concluded that this vitamin is very important for strengthening the immune system, which means that it is able to combat the “Covid-19” epidemic.

This vitamin helps maintain a healthy immune system and protects against respiratory diseases in general.

There are two main sources of vitamin “D”, which are exposure of the skin to sunlight, and eating certain foods such as eggs, meat, fish and mushrooms. As for fortified foods, they include dairy products, according to the health site “Medicine Web”.

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