Omar Marmouche: I asked for Zidane’s advice … Corona delayed my joining the national team


Omar Marmouche, a professional with the German ranks of Wolfsburg, said that he seeks to be present in his basic team lineup during the coming period, adding that it is the first season for Wolfsburg, in which he participated with my team.

Marmouche said in televised statements: “The coach asked me to play with the reserve team to prepare me. I started on the bench and this is a good step, and over time I will put myself in the starting line-up. The German league is very strong and needs a lot of physical and technical effort and recording goals.”

He continued: “I was a permanent member in the youth teams, but no one spoke to me to join the Olympic team, and the choice is due to the opinion of the technical staff, but I hope to join the Pharaohs and not have something bothering me.”

And he added: “The technical staff of the first team contacted me after I participated in the Bundesliga, but Corona has stopped joining the team and no one has spoken to me since that time.”

He concluded, “I contacted Mohamed Zidan before joining the first team to benefit from his experiences.”


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