Omar Kharbin News: Surprise .. Omar Kharbin participates in the exercises of the Syrian unit!


Omar Khirbin – Al Hilal Saudi Club

Saudi 360 – The presence of Omar Khirbin striker Al Hilal Saudi Club In the exercises of the Syrian unit during the past days.

The Saudi Al-Riyadiah newspaper revealed that Omar Khirbin was an attacker Crescent moon He participated in the Syrian unity training during the past few days to maintain his fitness readiness, before entering his country’s national team camp.

The Syrian Khirbin was outside the selections of Romanian coach Razvan Lucescu Crescent moon In participating in the AFC Champions League 2020 due to his dependence on Frenchman Pavitembe Gomez and Saleh Al-Shehri.

The Syrian Khirbin was associated with moving to the Egyptian club Zamalek during the summer transfer period, after he was constantly on the bench of Al Hilal’s bench in the past season.

While Omar Khirbin was present Hilal of Saudi Arabia Within the summoned list to be in a camp Syria national team Preparatory school, which will start from the fourth to the twelfth of this October.

The list of the Syria national team came as follows: “Ibrahim is a scientist, Taha Musa, Ahmad Madaniyya, Shakir al-Shaker, Ahmad al-Saleh, Yusef Hamwi, Hussein Jaweed, Khaled Kardagli, Muayad Ajjan, Yusef Muhammad, Faris Arnaout, Abdul Razzaq Muhammad, Mahmoud al-Mawas, Omar Khirbin, Thaer Karuma, Ahmad al-Ashqar, Muhammad Anaz, Kamil Hamisha, Maher Daaboul, Amr Junayat, Muhammad Rihaniyya, Maher Daaboul, Amr Junayat, Muhammad Rihaniyya, Maher Daaboul. Malta, Kamel Kawa, Mardikan Mardikan, Abdel Rahman Barakat and Alaa Al-Daly.

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