Officially, Saeed Al-Mawled asked to leave Al-Ahly


Jeddah – Abdullah Ahmad

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Saeed Al-Mawled, the defender of Al-Ahly’s first football team, expressed his desire to leave the green club walls, revealing to Al-Riyadiah that he had received several offers from clubs that wanted to sign him upon his departure.
The 29-year-old added in his private statements: “I informed the club management of my desire not to continue with the team during the coming period, and I waited for a meeting with them in order to clarify all the details.”
He continued, “I have a number of offers, where more than one team has submitted to request my services, and now I cannot talk more about some other matters, such as sums of money and the like, and upon meeting with the administration we will talk about all matters.”
According to Al-Riyadiah sources, Al-Mawlid asked to leave directly from Abd El-Ilah Moumina, Chairman of the Board of Directors, after the end of the 16-round match in the AFC Champions League, and the management informed him after that that the decision would be for the Serbian coach Vladan Miloevic, director of the technical staff.
It is noteworthy that Al-Mawlid has not entered the free period that allows him to sign with any other team so far, which prompted him to address the administration to allow him to move.


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