Odin Teatret workshop … in the heart of “Medina”


Starting tomorrow, Wednesday, until October 30, the current “Medina Theater” is hosting a virtual workshop entitled The Laboratory Spirit directly from the Odin Teatret in Holstebro in Denmark, funded by the Arab Fund for Culture and Arts (AFAC) and the Danish Embassy in Lebanon. It is an extensive introduction to the work and training techniques adopted by the well-known theater that was born in 1964 and witnessed the passage of greats, such as its Italian founder Eugenio Barba (1936) and the Polish Yigi Grotovsky (1933 1999) and others, through training sessions, films, performances and discussions.Beginning with an introductory film called The Art of the Impossible (Q: 17:15), before moving onto the tape of The Chronic Life (Q: 20:30). On November 29, Traces in the Snow will be shown (Q: 14:00), with a presentation by Roberta Carrere via a question-and-answer session transmitted via streaming technology, until the deadline for the movie (Q: 16:30) which will follow Julia Farley introduces him with questions and answers via “streaming” as well, before the end of this day’s activities with On The Two Sides of The River (Q: 21:00). The last day is dedicated to the movie Inside the Skeleton of the Whale (Q: 19:00).

* The Laboratory Spirit workshop: From tomorrow, Wednesday to October 30, “Medina Theater” (Hamra-Beirut). For inquiries: 01/753010. Participation is free of charge (Link to apply)

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